Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Fog Fighter

Its an admittedly strange title to take on, but its one that I believe that I can take pride in and that will define the purpose of this measly blog. Its my outpost of clarity--a small sliver of lucidness in a world that seems bent on obfuscation and confusion when dealing with even the most simple of problems. I've been told I have an ability to make confusing things simple--to clear the fog. Its only recently that I've found some version of poetic irony in that my last name, Nebel, is German for fog.

Thus arose the decided title for this blog. Its a bold goal. Much too bold for anything I hope to actually accomplish. Especially since I'll probably just end up scribbling every so often about the upcoming Fulham match or an interesting song I just heard or my rage-filled ramblings after leaving an economics lecture--that is, if this just doesn't get abandoned entirely. Hopefully that doesn't happen. Hopefully, this is a place where I can begin to accomplish a wider goal of clearing the fog for people.

Removing veils.

Uncovering truths.

Whether it be about grandiose spiritual truths, vital economic doctrine, or who Dortmund ought to sign if faced with the sad reality of Nuri actually leaving in the summer. I want to uncover it all, because I like teaching and I like learning. And the most important part of that is being able to understand amongst all the fog.

Or I'll realize that this is another throw-away Blogger account...

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